“Up to 90% of all illnesses can be attributed to stress.”

National Institute of Health (NIH)

Every week 95 million Americans suffer from some kind of stress-related symptom for which they take medication.”

The American Medical Association (AMA)

Brain Tap – Heart Rate Variability

The most important aspect of stress is the body’s response to a stressor. Your stress response is controlled by your nervous system. Let’s say you are involved in a near-miss automobile accident. Your stress response would include: sweating, goose bumps, increased respiration, pupil dilation, increased heart rate, elevated blood pressure, increased muscle tension in the head and neck, increased adrenaline secretion, increased blood delivery to muscles, decreased blood delivery to your gut, decreased hand temperatures and heightened brain activity.

All of these responses are normal during a life-threatening event, and are very demanding on the body.  However, if this highly aroused state is inappropriately activated and/or remains in effect for long periods of time (not allowing the body to return to a normal, relaxed state) it creates severe damage to the normal functions of the body. Therefore, the real challenge of the stress response is the ability of your nervous system to regulate the response appropriately.  When the nervous system loses the ability to regulate this system, our long-term health is at risk.

After using Brain Tap for just 6 weeks, this patient was sleeping great and feeling energized with no more mood swings.

In other words, when you come face to face with a wild bear, you want and need your nervous system to respond this way. When there is no bear in the room, you do NOT want your nervous system to respond this way because it will lead to chronic disease and a poor quality of life.

Light Frequencies

Flashing light patterns train you to operate in the best mode for creativity, focus, and mindfulness. This form of entrainment can transform the listener into a mental powerhouse with the right mindset to accomplish just about anything.

Binaural Beats MP3

Imbedded tones within peaceful, soothing music will guide you into states of deep relaxation. Within minutes you can reach extraordinary levels of focus and performance that would otherwise take years of practice to achieve.