“My name is Debbie Sower, I am 61 years old, and have had a bad back since I was sixteen years old. I am writing this letter to inform others that the Kennedy Chiropractic Office treatments actually work. Several doctors suggested surgeries that would lead to more pain. I refused the surgery and have just lived with the pain every day.

Within the past few years, more problems developed as I started having throat problems. I have not been able to eat without choking and have gone a year without being able to keep food down. They told me I have a sluggish esophagus and they need to stretch my esophagus, I did not want to have that done. My back problems continued to worsen and I was having trouble walking, getting up and down, or doing simple tasks. It got to the point where I would be in so much pain, that crawling on the floor was the only way to get around.

Finally, I called Kennedy Chiropractic Office and during the first visit they took x-rays of not just my back but also my neck. They showed me my problems and explained the benefits of decompression and regular adjustments. I have being going to them since October 2013, and it did not take long for the treatment to take effect. Four months later, I am doing better with walking and bending, and I am no longer choking or clearing my throat when eating.

I am certain that since this program has worked for me it will work for anyone. I am very thankful that God gave the Kennedy Chiropractic Office the knowledge to help without having to have major surgery.”

Debbie S