I get this question all the time. “Doc, does it really work?” And then, “But will it work for me?” The answer is yes and yes. BUT you have to do your part too. Most people want to take a pill to lose weight. Seriously! Given the option of diet & exercise versus a pill for weight loss, I’d be tempted to grab the pill too, but it doesn’t work like that. There is no such pill and there never will be.

So, let’s talk about this Lipo-Laser technology and system. First, it is actually misnamed. It isn’t a laser and it was not developed for weight loss. Using a combination of infrared and LED lights, set at a specific frequency, it was developed to help patients with neuropathies. For example, many Diabetic patients suffer terrible nerve pain in their legs and feet and this type of treatment helps reduce, and sometimes, eliminate that pain.  During the initial use of these treatments, researchers noticed that patient’s thighs, legs and backsides were shrinking while undergoing their neuropathy treatments. Through further research, they discovered the amazing side effect of these neuropathy treatments!

In order for the light frequencies to penetrate deep into the nerve, the light has to pass through layers of fat tissue. The researchers discovered that specific light frequencies caused the pores in the fat cells to open and expel the contents of the cell. Meaning, fat cells that had looked like full balloons, would flatten down and only the membrane remained.  After a treatment, the liquid, fatty content of the fat cell would be floating around the body and ready to be sent to the liver and or kidneys to be expelled.  Very cool right?

This is not a miracle fix! Remember, I said you have to do your part too. While the fat cell has expelled its contents, it still remains and is very willing to fill back up.  So, first, immediately following a Lipo-Laser treatment, you must exercise to ensure the maximum amount of fat is actually expelled. In order to do that, you need to perform 45 minutes of resistance type exercise to create that fat burning environment. This was a problem for many patients due to the time requirement. Luckily a solution was discovered by NASA. (Yes NASA!) When astronauts are in space, they lose on average, 25% of their muscle mass. Researches at NASA developed a system utilizing vibration plate machines to enable astronauts to build muscle at lighting speed.  By exercising on these vibration plate machines for 10 minutes, they discovered these astronauts had the results of 45 minutes of typical resistance type exercise. So, by combining the Lipo-Laser Treatments with the Vibration Plate Exercise System, you first release the fat from your cells, then expel that fat with extremely efficient exercise. With this combination, patients see between 1 and 3 inches lost. You just might call that a miracle!

Remember those flatten fat cells? Well, they are still there and ready and willing to fill back up. So, you can’t go eat fast food after your Lipo-Laser treatment and expect to maintain all your results!  To ensure success you must also drink the recommended water, eat healthy, and do some exercise on your own too. There really is NO MIRACLE. Anything in life that is worthwhile will usually require some work and sacrifice. Quit looking for the magic pill and roll your sleeves up and get to work. The good news, with Lipo-Laser you can get results at the speed of light. When you can see and feel the changes quickly, you will be more motivated to continue your improved habits. Start your Lipo-Laser journey with a Free Consultation at our Salem Lipo-Laser Clinic at Kennedy Chiropractic. Let’s find out if Lipo-Laser is right for you!

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