Dr. Pat Kennedy speaks to companies and other professionals all throughout the United States. As a regular speaker for Foot Levelers, his travels to share his expertise. His talks generally focus on stress, weight loss, sleep, exercise, fitness, hormones, cancer, diabetes, heart disease, cholesterol, infertility, PMS, depression, anxiety, mood swings, fatigue, and more.

If you are looking to book Dr. Pat Kennedy to come and speak to your group, please call 540-375-9220.

Dr. Pat Kennedy Speaking Review

Dr. Pat Kennedy is a great partner with Allstate and regularly encourages wellness for employees through his education sessions on fitness, nutrition, and the power of positive thinking! We appreciate the continuing motivation and education!

Thank you,
Stephanie Graham, CHDP
Sr. Team Leader

Dr. Kennedy,

Thank you for coming out to Christiansburg to visit with my team. We had quite the discussions that day following your presentation. Below is what a few people had to say about your presentation.

“A special thanks to Dr. Kennedy for coming out to speak to us at Member One in Christiansburg.  He was very informative while keeping your interest throughout his presentation.  The topic of stress automatically pulled me in, as the majority of us deal with this issue on a daily basis.  Dr. Kennedy’s explanations made sense and were thought provoking. I truly appreciated his time and the information he provided us with.”

“I thoroughly enjoyed having Dr. Kennedy come and talk with us regarding stress and how it affects our overall health. Dr. Kennedy was very informative and provided real life scenarios that anyone can relate to. The time he took out of his busy schedule, to come and talk with us, was very much appreciated.”

“Thank you for providing our office with your presentation regarding stress and the benefits of your chiropractic treatment. It was nice to see so many people have had such positive effects and outcomes!”

Thank you again for taking time out of your schedule to come and educate us on some of the benefits your services can provide. It definitely got us all thinking and talking about how we can all be healthier.