Gratitude. Strength. Willpower. Pride. Purpose.

These are the things that drive us to overcome terrible adversity. The news of the hurricanes have been difficult to watch, difficult to even fathom. Unfortunately, there are too many stories about terrible tragedies that can make positivity difficult for all of us. But those are not the only stories. There are far more stories of strength, humanity and gratitude. When we focus on those stories, on our own part in creating the good stories, we can all find that positivity.  We recently found this story, Inky Johnson’s story, to be one of such power, strength and positive purpose we wanted to share it with you.

We hope you find strength in Inky’s powerful testimony of faith and that it helps you to carry out your greater purpose each day. With the hurt and stress in the news, especially with the current events of the hurricanes, be sure to find gratitude, find strength and find the purpose that is bigger than yourself… then being positive becomes easy.

– Dr. Pat

Part 2 of Inky’s Speech: