“I can no longer imagine life without Kennedy Chiropractic in it! Over the course of two and a half years as a patient, I have experienced relief from chronic headaches, received one-on-one weight loss support, and gained knowledge of how to maintain a healthier lifestyle. A rotation of care among the three doctors has allowed me to benefit from their various areas of expertise.

While I believe God is the ultimate giver of life, I do not think it is by coincidence that after 14 years of secondary infertility, I became pregnant while at the healthiest I had been in nearly 20 years. The entire staff went out of their way to support me through the discomforts of pregnancy, and they have rejoiced with us over the arrival of our new daughter, who is now among the youngest of their patients!

Thank you, Kennedy Chiropractic! Now, who wants to babysit? :)”

Lori C