Everyone has heard that heart disease is the number one killer now for decades. It used to be a “man’s” disease. Men used to die more frequently from heart disease than women but recently men and women are in a dead heat, literally. Why is that?

First, we need to understand some elementary principles. Eating junk food, gaining weight, not exercising, and being stressed all the time are a nasty combination and fertile ground for a heart attack. Do you know what the first sign of a heart attack is in 60% of the people having heart attacks? The answer is DEATH! That’s right. Most people do NOT get a second chance. Only 40% of heart attack victims get a second shot at restoring their health. But most people think, “That will never happen to me.” It never will until it does. Some studies suggest that you have a 70% chance a heart attack will be what ends your life. This is serious stuff so you might want to pay attention and then do something about it now because you might not get a second chance.

So the theory goes like this. You practice bad eating habits and over the years you develop plaque in the artery walls. The plaque then enlarges to the point that it blocks the artery completely. If the artery feeds the heart directly, then a heart attack ensues. This is very basic but you get the point. The medical approach is to give a patient a Statin drug to lower cholesterol in hopes to not have cholesterol build up in the form of plaque on the artery walls. One problem (there are actually many) with this treatment is that cholesterol is needed when cells become damaged and healing needs to take place. If you lower cholesterol, you lower the bodies’ ability to heal. This is dangerous. Don’t get me wrong. Some (and I mean very few) people need to get dangerously high levels of cholesterol down using drugs. However, the majority of people can keep their cholesterol levels in a normal and healthy zone with proper eating, losing weight, exercising, and keeping their stress under control.

Are you worried about heart disease or your cholesterol? Don’t be one of the 60% whose first sign of heart disease is death. Instead, find a team of health care professionals to help you address all 4 areas named above. Most people know about eating, weight loss, and exercise but keeping stress under control, who can do that?

A recent study showed why women now have the same death rate from heart disease as men and it boils down to this… STRESS! In the old days women stayed home and raised children and maintained a home and that was and still is a full time job. The typical women today, still raises their children and maintains a home, but now in addition, they also have a full time job outside the home, organize PTA meetings, fund raise for soccer teams, plan family outings and vacations, exercise to look like the cover of a magazine, balance the checkbook and wear a continuous smile to make sure everyone, including their husbands, are happy. This is totally unrealistic and unhealthy.

When women are under chronic, daily stress like this, their body will release hormones that will cause blood vessels to clamp down and become restricted. If the artery that gets restricted has some plaque in it, a small blockage that may not have caused a problem, will now be a deadly killer. For women today, stress is continuing to impact their health in so many ways, including leading to heart attacks and death. This is why daily stress is not normal and should not be taken lightly. While, we cannot make stress go away, we can help a stressed out nervous system adapt to stress in a normal and healthy way.

At Kennedy Chiropractic, we have a very scientific approach to understanding how someone deals with daily stress and creating a program to help their nervous system re-learn how to react, manage and adapt to daily stress. We start with an EEG, which is a test that shows brain wave activity in real time and demonstrates how the person is dealing with current daily stress. Once the issues are identify, we use specific light and sound frequencies administered to the eyes and ears for about 20 minutes, a couple times per week, to balance or restore normal brain and nervous system patterns. This will allow the person to deal with the affects of stress in a healthy way and could ultimately, reduce the risk of heart attacks and death.

So now you know. What you do about it is totally up to you.

– Dr. Pat

To learn more about how Kennedy Chiropractic approaches stress, visit Kennedy Chiropractic’s page on Stress Evaluation and Brain Tap.