“When I first came to see Dr. Pat and Dr. Mia, I was having migraines three to four times a week. I’ve dealt with migraines off and on since I was a child, but during that time frame (Feb/March 2009), it was particularly bad. I spoke with some friends about it, and several of them suggested that I talk to them. I was nervous at first. I went to church with them, and only knew them by sight, not personally, and certainly not professionally. Honestly, I wasn’t sure that if all the prescription medication and home remedies I had tried didn’t work, that chiropractic care would do any better. Fortunately for me, it’s made a huge difference. The first time I came to Kennedy Chiropractic, Dr. Pat made me feel so comfortable, like I had known him forever. He took the time to explain everything very thoroughly and answered any questions I had without pressuring me to make a decision about whether or not I wanted to continue past the first exam. His “bedside manner” and focus on serving both his patients and Christ was enough in and of itself to keep me coming back. I’ve been a patient since March/April 2009 and it has been the biggest blessing to me. I went from having 3 to 4 migraines a week, to having maybe 5 or 6 a whole year! I would definitely recommend Kennedy Chiropractic to anyone who has any type of pain, or even just general health problems. If there’s one ting I’ve learned from them, it’s that your spine and your nerves play such a huge part in your overall health, that you can’t dismiss anything as not being related to it! They really care about your health and they treat you like family. They all do an amazing job, and I know my life (and health) would be radically different without them.”

Amber S