The simple answer is lack of planning. It is easy to think about losing weight: “I would love to lose some weight.” Say it to yourself right now: “I would love to lose some weight.” See! That was pretty easy. Now what are you going to do to implement that thought into action? How bad do you want to lose the weight? Are you willing to see it through and do what it takes? As a Doctor working with people every day to improve their health for the last 30+ years, my experience has taught me that in order to be motivated enough to lose weight, people have to be at rock bottom. Here is an example: A Doctor tells a patient to start a walking program to lose weight or the patient will have a heart attack soon. The patient does not listen and does nothing. A few months later, the patient has a heart attack, but lives.  Now, the Doctor tells the Patient that it is ESSENTIAL to start a walking program. The patient is now motivated by life and death and starts Walking!

Being overweight is a life and death situation. Currently 75% of the US population is overweight and almost 50% is considered obese. One particular study from Harvard Medical School concluded there is a 50% increase in risk of death from heart disease, cancer and diabetes from being overweight. You have to realize this truth. Believe it and do something about it NOW! It is possible with a goal, a realistic time frame, a plan, a support team who is experienced and a reward for achieving the goal. And when you become an encouragement to someone else who needs to lose weight too, it is the ultimate success.  Most weight loss programs out there will help you lose weight. They all seem to work if you stay focused and follow through. The problem is the weight you lose may not be from fat. A lot of “Quick Fix” weight loss programs cause the body to lose muscle, bone, and organ weight. That is extremely unhealthy and very dangerous. Plus, when you stop the program, you gain the weight right back, plus more.  At Kennedy Chiropractic, our medical weight loss program targets the fat while preserving your muscle, bone, and organ tissue and you will NOT gain the weight back if you follow the plan correctly. It is about life and death but you CAN do it. The question is, will you?

– Dr. Pat

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Dr. Patrick Kennedy