Join, Dr. Pat Kennedy and his team on January 26 for a full day seminar to help you achieve your best self. Find your best health: Physically, Mentally and Socially.

Does this describe you or someone you love? Stressed out, poor sleep, chronic pain, high blood pressure, high cholesterol, sugar problems, cravings, weight gain, addictions, memory issues, arthritis, digestive issues or reproduction problems? During this full day comprehensive seminar, Dr. Pat will cover all of this and more so you can start on the path to Your Best Self.

The seminar will include everything you need to start and maintain your journey to a healthy, energized, new you. Specifically:
– Health Supplement Kit ($155 value)
– 1 month of Fitness Training ($75 value)
– 1 month of BrainTap Stress Reduction TX ($149 value)
– 1 LipoLaser Session ($125 value)
– 1 Full Patient Examination (X-rays and scans included – $250 value)
– Essential Oil for Stress Reduction Kit ($30 value)
– Grocery List and Daily Food Menus ($25 value)
– At home daily stretching and exercises ($45 value)
– A nutritious and delicious lunch during the seminar ($20 value)
– 6 hour seminar full of innovative, new information and discoveries about health to ensure you are successful on your journey to health and wellness ($199 value)

With a value of over $1,000 in health and wellness products and services, this seminar is truly an exceptional way to start 2019. The cost to you is only $299 per person or $399 per couple. Join us and make 2019 your best year yet!

Reserve your seat Today! Just call 540-375-9220